What is Saturday Flight School?

Saturday Flight School is one of our signature programs that have been held in multiple cities and usually on Saturn’s Day (Saturday). However, this gravity defying experience is five hours of fun-filled collaborative aviation oriented activities that may be held any day of the week. Participants will:

  • “Taste” the many accomplishments that have taken place in the sky;
  • Use Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STREAM) while learning about the many opportunities in aerospace;
  • Learn about the training and requirements for:
    • Air Traffic Controller
    • Airplane Pilot
    • NASA Astronaut
    • Aircraft Mechanic
    • Airport Manager
  • Tour Aviation Facilities including airports
  • Have direct access to real aircraft and learn how airplanes fly
  • Build and identify airplanes
  • Learn how to make decisions, resolve conflict and appreciate differences
  • Express creativeness through art
  • Have fun and meet new friends
  • Be encouraged to set goals, resolve conflicts, soar
  • And Keep Looking Up!

Thank you for your interest. Be on the look out for our next event!

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“FLY – FINANCIALLY  LITERATE  YOUTH”  at Lt Col Luke Weathers Flight Academy is full. REGISTRATIONS FOR THIS EVENT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED! Email tasteofaviation@gmail.com if you would like to be placed on Wait List for possible opening.